Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to the school

Around lunch time today, I took Micah to his early childhood screening that is done through our school system. He was so excited. He always talks about school and wants to go to school so badly.

So, I took him to the school for his screening. He weighs 41 pounds and is about 41 inches tall. He had his hearing checked, walked on a line, hopped, made a tower with blocks and even talked about different things. He also had his eyes checked...that was the part where I could see that there was possibly some concern. He did really well with his right eye...said all of the letters that were on the chart but then had a really hard time on the left eye. I think that is the eye that he had surgery for his blocked tear duct but to be honest, I can't remember. Both of his eyes were bad but he had one really bad one that caused lots of problems. Quinn started having the same thing but thankfully his cleared up on their own. The lady doing the screening said over and over that he needs to get into the eye doctor to have his eyes checked. Her last words were even, "I would call today."

Micah is going in to the eye doctor on Friday. I hope it is good news but after seeing him struggle to read the letters on the chart, I think he is going to have to have glasses or something to correct his vision problem. He said a few times that he couldn't see the letters or didn't know what they were. He did the letters perfectly on the right side so it wasn't as if it really doesn't know his letters. He kept trying to look over the cover that was on his eyes too. As soon as the cover was off, he could read the letter perfectly again.

We are also going to have a public health nurse monitor his behavior in our family setting to look at how he acts. I have noticed many times that he isn't focusing when we are talking to him, his eyes go all over the place and he can't seem to look straight at us. He can't repeat what we have just told him until we tell him about 3 or 4 times. He has also been acting very out of control at times and I am not sure if it is just an age thing or if there is something else. The person thought that he acted fine during the testing but there is a part of him that seems to not comprehend what we are telling him.

Sid also gets her shots for school on Friday morning :) Luckily, Chris gets part of the day off to help with all of these doctor appointments and watching the day care kids.

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