Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My little sis

My little sister, Jaclyn, would have had a birthday on the 21st. This was probably one of the first years that I wasn't totally consumed with thoughts about her the entire day...maybe because I had other little people to chase around.

I did meet up with my family that day to pick up one of my other little sisters, Josie.

Although I will always miss my sister and wish that I had more time to be with her, I also realize that her death gave me a chance to have 4 other brothers and 3 other sisters.

In memory of her, I have set up a blog (there is a link on the blog called "my little sis") where I can put glimpses of her life, photographs, projects, funny sayings that she had...just so those who knew her can have a way to remember her. If you have anything that you want to share on that blog, just e-mail me and I will post them for you. I don't have a lot of her stuff with me but as I get a chance to photograph some that are at my parents house, I will put those up there. I am sensing a good 4-H project for the Schild kids too :)

Happy Birthday, Jaclyn!

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Kristiw said...

What a great way to remember the good times!