Saturday, June 21, 2008

Smile...take 2

We went back to Target today for round two of pictures being taken of Quinn. He did better today and we got one smile out of him.

It is really pretty funny because Quinn is one of the happiest babies that I know. As soon as he got into the room where the pictures were being taken, he just became a sad boy. He also kept yawning in between cries and looking at the camera. It was pretty funny.

Chris worked all day on the stones for the steps for our deck. They look pretty good. It was a beautiful day to work outside!

Here are a few cute sayings that we have heard lately...
"I am going to eat my sugar nap peas." Micah
"I would love that. That is what I have always wanted!" What Sidney said when we told her that we would get her a receipt book. She loves to record everything!

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