Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Smile...take 1

A bunch of our friends that have babies and my niece just had their pictures taken. So, I got on the band wagon and decided I'd better get Quinn's picture taken professionaly now that he is 8 months old.

I went with Quinn tonight to Target to get his picture taken.

Let's back up a moment. Quinn has slept for about 30 minutes today and that was around 1:00PM. I gave him a bath as soon as day care kids were gone. We were outside all day and we were all covered with sun screen so he needed to get washed up before he had to smile. As soon as he was done with his bath, his body instantly became covered with little red dots. Why? Someone knocked over the fragranced body wash in the kids' tub so Quinn had a bubble bath with the soap that irritates his skin. I lotioned him up but he was not a happy camper and started grabbing for his head to itch. He was also extremely tired. I was hoping that the little cat nap he would have in the car on the way to Target would be enough.


He screamed and cried and had big elephant tears inside the Target studio for 45 minutes. He was yawning and didn't crack one smile.

So, we don't have pictures yet and are going to try again Saturday morning. I am sure the photographer will be looking forward to working with us again that day :)

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