Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quotes for the day

The kids said two really cute things today that I just had to post...

We were leaving the church parking lot this morning. Our church is pretty full on Sunday's and we went to the 10:30 am service today, which is the most popular service of all the times. I like the Saturday night service but we had some other obligations last night and we had a pretty full day yesterday already. So, we were leaving the parking lot and there was a nice long line of cars waiting to get onto the road. Micah said, "Look, all those cars are playing follow the leader."

The other quote came from Sidney this afternoon. We have been working outside all day. I was planting flowers and Chris was working on the stone for the stairs for our deck. The kids helped him move dirt around to where we needed it for the landscaping. They had their big shovels and Chris had a wheelbarrow and they were moving dirt everywhere. Sidney said, "Dad, you're kindof like Bob the Builder."

Quinn has been the best baby today. Although he doesn't have any quotes to share other than, "Maaaa maaaaa maaaa", he was outside with us all afternoon and didn't complain at all. He hung out in his stroller and was so good. He does have one big change in his life and that would be bottles. Before yesterday, he has drank out of one bottle. As you can tell from that statement, my freedom level has been very limited and not only did I need to start having a break from being the only person to feed him, but he is also starting to get some teeth. :) He has one tooth that hasn't come through yet but if you put your finger in his mouth (which I don't really recommend doing because he will probably bite you), you can feel the tooth that is just under the surface. I also had a suspicion that he wasn't getting enough to drink during the day. He wasn't really sleeping well, would maybe sleep for about 30 minutes during the day, and his diapers were not looking quite right. He is doing really well today and LOVES his bottles!

That is life in Williamsland today! We are ending our day playing Marbleworks, getting some new PJ's for Micah and some more bottles for Quinn.

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