Friday, June 27, 2008

Where are the balloons?

This week, it is Rochesterfest! There is a lot going on in this town. Most of it is downtown and we went down there for the parade tonight. (Yes, Rochester is weird and has their parade on a Friday night.)

Last night, we went to a park nearby that was supposed to have a hot air balloon launch. We went there and there were probably 200 to 300 people there. We were all looking for the same air balloons. There were supposed to be over 25 of them going up. There were none. We finally heard that the website was wrong and there wasn't a balloon launch.

Today, we went to the parade. It started at 6:15 PM and we got there and actually got a seat on a corner of a sidewalk. We had our place all set out and had enough room and it looked like a great area for the kids to get some candy. The parade started and then these kids came out of nowhere and stood in front of our kids. We were right next to the road so these kids were in the road, actually running out almost to the center line throughout most of the parade. There was even an adult that came and sat right in front of the kids' chairs with her 9 year old son (or close to it). Now, our kids can barely sit in their chairs.
At one point, the lady was sitting there and eating some food in a paper tray. Micah got all excited and started waving his arms. He accidently hit the tray in her lap with his hand and it went flying through the air. He did say sorry without me even prompting him and she didn't have any food left in her tray but that gives you an idea of how close she was to us.
Some other kids also came and stood in front of our kids and they were very aggressive! The mom or an older sister stood right next to Micah's chair as the kid was running all over the place, into the road and even up to people that were in the parade to take candy out of their hands. Micah was trying so hard to get the candy that was thrown but these kids kept taking out of his hand, literally. At one point, the lady with the obnoxious kid that was standing by Micah even went to get candy and took it from Micah. After she stood there for a minute, she did give it to Micah.

The parade lasted over 2 1/2 hours and was really painful to watch. There were 113 entries and only a handful of those were anything to look at. The bands were good and a few of the floats but there were many that were in need of improvement.

On the way back to our car, we saw a kid about Sidney's age flicking a lighter on and off. We also walked by a shopping cart right in the middle of the sidewalk next to a house with broken windows all over it. It was a little scary.

We did end our night on a good note though. We went home a different route and stopped by the park that we went to on Thursday night. There was supposed to be a moon glow with the hot air balloons. We saw 4 beautiful hot air balloons all lit up in the night sky. The kids loved it and we all had a great time.

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