Thursday, June 5, 2008

1st Grade, Here I Come!

Sidney graduated from Kindergarten this morning. The boys, Chris and I were all there to see here walk across the stage at Lincoln. She was so proud and looked so big. Of course, our last name is towards the end of the alphabet so she had to wait. She did get a little confused when she heard another Sidney get called but knew that the last name didn't match hers.

The kids and I went out to Applebee's for lunch to celebrate. Chris had to head back to work. I even let the kids get a special treat at the end of their meal too if they finished their food. :) If anyone knows my kids, they almost always finish their food and they usually are the ones that finish first. They are very fast eaters.

We did get some pictures that I will put on the blog at some point too so you can see her in her special hat and with her teacher. We were very fortunate to have a Christian Kindergarten teacher. She was truly a wonderful teacher and she said several times how proud she was of Sidney and how ready she was for 1st grade.

We walked around the school to find her room for next year but didn't have any luck. Her teacher next year is Mrs. Beeman. We told Sid that we would find the room before school started again.

Quinn got his first haircut yesterday. He let me do the top of his head but not the sides. He looks ok though, he really didn't have that much hair on his sides anyways. He is really rolling everywhere. He can go from his front to his back now so it is pretty cute to watch him roll back and forth.

I think he found his voice. Right now, he is laying on the floor making the noise, "Ohawwh", over and over and over and louder and louder and louder.

On a totally different note, it is garabage pick up today. In our rush to get to Sid's school this morning, we forgot to put our trash can out by the curb. Our garbage gets full every week and sometimes it is so full that there are extra bags or just a lot piled on the top of the garbage can. With day care, we go through a lot of garbage and recycling. Anyways...we forgot to put it out. As we were coming home, I asked if Chris got it out and he didn't and we just knew that next week we would have an overflowing trash can. We got home and our trash can was sitting by the side of the curb, empty. We think our garbage man got it from the side of our house and emptied it for us. We don't have any other explanation as to how it got there because neither Chris or I did. Thank You Waste Management!

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