Monday, June 9, 2008

Rain, rain go away

This past weekend, we traveled to Fort Dodge to visit the fam. We haven't been there since just before Christmas so it was time to get down there and see the kids, animals and town again. We had a lot of excitement while we were visiting :)

We left on Friday, after all the day care kids were gone. The kids got fed and we headed out of town. (The kids get very excited to see family so all I heard on Friday was what toys they were going to bring, who they were going to play with and things that they did the last time they were there).

After a few potty stops, we finally made it to my parents house around 9:45pm. The kids were so excited that sleep wasn't even something that they were thinking about. My grandpa that now lives in FD was at the house, my brother and his wife and 8 month old daughter. Jacob even come by to say hi as well.

Saturday morning started off with getting ready to go to a parade. It was Frontier Days in the town so the fort is busy with festivities and the parade is always fun. The kids, Chris and I and my grandpa all went to the parade together. My brothers and sisters and my mom all walked in the parade for CCS, the school that my mom teaches in. She wanted my kids to walk in the parade too but I could see that disaster a mile away. There is no way that Sid and Micah would be able to walk that far without having a major meltdown. We got a nice tan while we sat in the 90 some degree weather. It was really hot!

After the parade, we got some burgers and went to eat at my grandpa's place. He gave us a tour and the kids did very well eating and not making a very big mess. Grandpa's place is really nice and everyone seems very friendly there.

The rest of our afternoon, we just tried to stay cool. My mom went to a baby shower, Chris, my dad, grandpa and Justin went Geocaching so I was left with my kids, Josie and Jenna. The house was hot, Quinn was dripping sweat just sitting around, so we went to Target. The kids got some treasures and they were all thrilled!

The real fun started in the early evening. We were going to go to the fort to see the fun things there but it looked like it was going to rain and just be kindof yucky. We were right. We were finishing up supper and the tornado sirens went off.

It is always interesting to see who handles things well under pressure and stress and who doesn't. I know who doesn't in my family :) That was very obvious on Saturday night. The sirens were going off, the weather radio was going off and we could see that the sky was not looking very good. At first, there weren't any actual tornadoes and then my mom started getting phone calls of people telling them where there were tornadoes and asking if my mom was in the basement yet. We got a report that there was a tornado about 3 miles away from where my parents live and so we went down to the basement again. My parents are currently finishing their basement so all of their "stuff" is in the middle of the room under plastic and the walls were just sprayed with texture so things were a bit dusty from the sheetrock still. We shoved 4 kids in the shower, 2 in the corner of the bathroom, I stood by Quinn while he was in his car seat next to the other kids and the rest of the adults were in the hallway standing there listening. I was with the kids in the basement for about 20 minutes probably until the adults thought that it was ok enough to go back upstairs. The clouds were still pretty bad though and were perfect for tornadoes.

Saturday night, it rained and rained and rained. It was just a loud night overall with lots of thunder and lightning. I don't think many people around Fort Dodge got much sleep that night. The next morning, we could see that there were a few roads that had water flowing over them during the night.

The rain has taken it's toll on the farm fields. On our way home yesterday, we took some pictures of the rice fields...oops, I mean corn fields. Iowa should have planted rice this year though because the corn is going to have a hard time growing. Here are 2 pictures from when we were driving back. The first is of a corn field that was under water. The other was also of a field that was under water. You can see that trees were all covered as well.

It sounds like it is going to rain again on Wednesday so we are going to enjoy today and tomorrow outside while we can :)

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