Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Success!

We have 2 great things to talk about and one not so great...What would you like to hear about first? The not so great it is...

Sidney woke up two nights ago crying. When she wakes up crying in the middle of the night, I always know something is wrong. She was really hot and probably had a fever but wasn't sure what else might have been wrong. Chris and the kids went into some woods over the weekend both days and one of his co-workers mentioned that they found a lot of ticks on them so we were wondering if she got bit and caught something from a tick. Since she wasn't herself and just looked like she needed some sleep, we didn't let her go to the Awana Awards Night. She will hopefully still get her awards for finishing her book. I also wanted her to stay home last night because she had a big day at school today with a program called the "Spring Sing". She had two performances, one for the school and one for parents/family. But, then last night, she woke up crying again and said her ear hurt. So, off to the doctor we went this morning. Chris had to take her since we had day care kids here. She got some medicine (thank goodness for flavored medicine and not the yucky orange flavor that she hated last time) and didn't go to school this morning. Chris did take her around noon today and we went this afternoon to see her program. She just slept for about 4 hours and looks pretty good now so the medicine and sleep must be working.

The two good things are...
1) Sidney had her "Spring Sing" today! She did a great job and was really focused on what actions she needed to do and words she had to sing. The kids sat through it really well and it was just a great afternoon overall.
2) Micah is pretty much potty trained! He had two accidents the first day, was dry yesterday andaccidents today. He is still wearing a pull-up at night to hel prevent any accidents because he hasn't quite figured out the night part yet.

Sidney and Micah both got to pick out something from Toys R Us this afternoon too. Sidney got one for doing such a good job practicing and performing today. Micah for staying dry in his underwear(s).

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