Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Big boy pants

We ventured into something new...big boy pants on Micah. We started yesterday because I was sick of pull-ups. He has been wearing them for at least a month, knows when he needs to go potty but just doesn't because he knows he can go in his pull-up. If you have a kid that is getting ready to potty train, don't use pull-ups because the kids just don't know that they are wet. We even tried the Feel N'Learn kind with Sidney and those weren't any different for her.

So, yesterday, Micah put some big boy pants on. He likes to call them underwears (he always says it with an s on the end). He only had 2 accidents all day.

He is very proud that he can use the potty and has been doing a really good job! He was excited to put big boy pants on again today. Lightning McQueen underwears are the best :)

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