Thursday, May 1, 2008

Happy May Day!

May is now here and our day is glorious right now but we will soon be having more rain. The kids and I are going to head outside today for a LONG walk to look at all of the beautiful flowers that God has made. Our theme for this week is flower power so it just fits :) Last week was rain showers and since it rained pretty much all week, it was perfect timing for the flower week.

Micah is still our social butterfly. He invites everyone over to our house to play. Last night, the kids wanted one of our neighbor friends to play and Sidney didn't want to go to her house to ask her to come out so she asked Micah if he would do it. He did.

When the day care kids leave each day, he also says to all of them, "Come anytime!" or "Come back soon!".

Quinn is eating like a horse. He eats about 3 number 2 containers each day, sometimes more. I have made some of his food for him so they are a little healthier than the store bought ones. He eats so much right now too that it is cheaper to make it myself. The key is time though. I don't have much of that at the moment.

Sidney finished her Awana book last night. It was the last night of Awana before the awards night and she had 4 verses left and did them all! Way to go Sid! This was her first year in Awana and as a Kindergartener, she did a really good job memorizing. There are probably over 30 verses in all and a few other things that she had to do in this book. There is an awards presentation next Wednesday night so that should be neat to see her glowing on stage.

Chris is still geocaching. He took Micah out last night and found 4 more. If it is nice outside, he is probably out looking for treasures.

We are getting ready for the garage sale for Teen MOPS. It is May 16th & 17th. Stuff is starting to come and our house will soon be taken over by other peoples belongings that they no longer want. Right now, we have a bed in our living room and the garage has quite a few things in it already with car loads coming on Saturday. I was on the phone with someone yesterday who asked about when they could drop stuff off and I gave her the details. She then said that she has been waiting for this for months. It is truly amazing how this garage sale has really become popular with donations and shopping.

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