Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some highlights

Our weeks have been consumed with the Teen MOPS Garage Sale. If there is a free moment, it has been taken by folding clothes or sorting through a box of items that has been donated.

I will have to take some pictures of our garage and post them on here so you can see what it looks like. I can explain that there are so many items in the garage that is is completely full, items stacked on top of eachother, toys shoved under half of the tables, a large box of shoes that is over flowing and 2 bars of clothing. We have a pile of outdoor toys at the side of our house because there just isn't room in the garage to hold them.

Our last day of set up is tomorrow. It will be a VERY long night! We have more boxes to go through and we are running out of room for items.

We have had some funny things happen over the last few days. Micah is doing a very good job using the potty. He has had some accidents but mostly because he wasn't reminded to use the potty. He is very proud of going potty by himself too. On Monday, he went to use the potty and then he called out to me that he needed help. He said, "Mommy, I need help! I fell in the potty." I went in to see what he did and he lifted both lids and really fell into the toilet. He had water dripping off of his bare butt. It was pretty funny.

Monday was an eventful day. Lunch is a very crazy time here. At 11:30 am, I feed Quinn some sort of yummy Gerber treat. I then start to get lunch ready for the other kids. There are 5 that eat at the same time between noon and 12:40pm while I feed another baby a bottle. So, between 11:30 and 12:40, 7 kids are eating.

One of our vegetables on Monday was peas. Let's just say they weren't really a hit. As I was feeding the baby his bottle, I turned around to look at the other kids and noticed one of them taking his fork, laying it carefully on the table, arranging a pea (at this point I am thinking to myself, "What is he doing that for?") and then catapulting the pea off of the fork. At the same time Sidney said, "Mom, there is a pea in my milk." And, I look on the floor and there are at least 40 peas on the floor in various places.

Time for some shut eye because I don't think I will get any tomorrow night :)

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