Sunday, April 6, 2008

spaghetti, videos and lots of stuff

We just got done with a whirlwind of activities this week!

The biggest of these was the Teen MOPS Spaghetti Supper & Silent Auction on Friday night. We had over 50 silent auction items, a video on Teen MOPS (thanks to Chris), goodies at the tables, items for kids to do at the tables, food from Olive Garden and even a game of The Price is Right. There wasn't a lot of sleep this week so on Saturday, my body was in recovery mode. I slept in a bit and felt like I was in a cloud for most of the day. We had a successful night and there were so many people that were helping with this event. I hope that everyone had a good time and were able to buy some things that they wanted. I am still working on finding out how much money we made that night but I do know that we made $1,799.01 from the auction itself. We had at least 180 people at the event so it was a big night.

My mom, Jenna, Jordan, Justin & Josie came up this weekend as well. They arrived as I was leaving on Friday and they even won a few items at the event. My mom usually stays at a hotel when she comes up (there is a favorite one here that she likes) and the kids love going swimming when they come. Sid spent the night with them on Friday night and they went swimming Saturday morning. We all went swimming this morning too before they had to check out. The pool was nice and warm. Sidney didn't want to venture far from the stairs and actually freaked out a few times when I wouldn't hold her. Micah told me that he wanted em to let him go so he could go swimming. One kid is stuck to the stairs although she can touch the bottom of the pool, the other is begging for me to let go so he can go swimming...and he can only touch while he is one 2 of the 3 stairs. Kids are so different and unique :)

Saturday was my birthday. Since my mom was in town and she is the social butterfly, a lot of the church and neighborhood heard that it was my birthday. I think I had more people e-mailing and calling me wishing me happy birthday than I have ever had before. Chris and I were able to go out to a nice restaurant (with Quinn) and eat some food in quiet. It was quite a change from our usual dining experiences.

This afternoon I tried to clean up the house a bit. It was pretty trashed after the week of getting ready for the fundraiser. Hopefully mom didn't care that things were pretty messy and that we didn't have much food in our house.

I had an appointment a few hours ago with a lawyer regarding a situation that I have had for the past year. This was the first time I had met her and wasn't quite sure how things were going to go or what would be said. I would have to saw that I was more nervous speaking with this one person than speaking in front of 190 people. I had no nerves Friday night but had a few today. I think the nerves were there because I just didn't know what to expect. Overall, it went well though, I think. Hopefully things were start moving the way that they need to go and this will be over sooner rather than later.

Micah got some new socks with Spiderman on them. He is SOOOOO proud of them! He told me that he now has 3 things with Spiderman on it...he socks, his shoes and his toothbrush. I went to kiss him goodnight and he went, "Mom, look." He took both of his feet out from under his covers and put both of his feet up in the air to show me his socks on his toes.

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