Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring is here?

The first day of Spring was last week but we are still having some very cold temps here in Minnesota...granted, it isn't as cold as it used to be but it is still cold. I am ready to see some flowers!

My grandpa has officially moved to Fort Dodge. He arrived yesterday and I am very excited to see him. It might be a few weeks or a month or so before we get down there but we will see him soon. There are many families that are very fortunate to have family very close or within a hour or so but our family has a somewhat different story. I grew up with this Grandpa living about 2 1/2 hours from us so we saw him and my grandma on holidays and birthdays usually. This was the only family that lived close to us. My grandma passed away while I was in college, grandpa married Beth, my new grandma and then moved to Florida about a year after that. We have seen them 2 or three times in the last 10 years. About 6 months ago, Beth passed away so we saw my grandpa for a few hours at the funeral. Growing up, my other grandparents lived in New York and then Florida so we hardly ever saw them. I think I must have been in Junior High or early High School when they passed away. My cousins all lived very far away too (New Jersey and New York) and they are now in Florida, New Hampshire and Colorado. Our visits with each other were usually centered around a wedding or a funeral.

On Friday, April 4th, Teen MOPS is hosting the 2nd Annual Spaghetti Supper & Silent Auction to raise money for Teen MOPS. It costs about $9,000 to $10,000 to run Teen MOPS each year and this fundraiser will hopefully raise at least $3,000. We have a group that has worked very hard to make this a success this year and have GREAT silent auction items including autographed posters and cd's from Casting Crowns and Mercy Me, Cabaret tickets from the Ordway in the Twin Cities, items from Minnesota Wild, tickets for Rochester Honkers, iPod, gift certificates to many places and lots of themed gift baskets. My week is all about the planning of this event and making sure it will run perfectly. We are still selling tickets until Monday and we are really praying for a great turnout. Some of the teens from Teen MOPS will be there and some of their families too. I will be truly exhausted after this event but my adrenaline will probably be running pretty high too so I am guessing I will come home and I will just crash :)

I will be on the news on Monday at noon with KTTC. The reporter that did a story on Teen MOPS just over a year ago called me this morning and asked me to join her for the live interview at the station. Teen MOPS has had a lot of publicity lately. We just had a reporter from the cities (Pioneer Press) come to our meeting on Tuesday as well. He was doing a story on the increase in teen pregnancies and I spoke with him for awhile on Tuesday morning too. I will put that story on here if I see it on the web this weekend.

Quinn is awake so I will end this but just wanted to put up a new blog :)

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