Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter weekend tradition

Our Easter weekend has been a tradition for many years now with the Williams Family. We go shopping over the weekend with Chris' brother and family and Chris' parents. We seem to add a person to our shopping adventure almost every year it seems :)

Our family wasn't able to make it this year and you should have heard the disappointment in the kids' voices when they were told that we weren't going today.

With 3 of the 5 of us being on medication, that was the first indication that maybe we just weren't feeling all that well to travel, stay in someone else's house and be out and about for a day.

I got things ready to go on the trip last night, the kids were in bed and I started to feel even worse. There were moments when I was coughing that Chris said my face was purple and that was because I just couldn't breathe. I was also so weak that I didn't trust myself to carry Quinn upstairs when I went to bed.

Sidney coughed all night long! I think of 45 minutes of each hour, she was coughing. This also means that I didn't get the sleep that I needed to get better either. You can imagine what she looked like in the morning. Her eyes had the same glassy eyed look as they did the last few days.

We had a horrible morning! The orange flavored medicine triggered some emotions in one particular little girl again. Instead of it taking 30 minutes for her to drink, it only took 10 today. That was because I put the timer on and told her it had to be gone before it went off. Well, that was 10 minutes of pure screaming. Micah drank his right away and said it was really good. :)

The kids and I all took naps this afternoon. I can talk with a whisper without coughing up a storm again and have been on the couch all day. My eyes feel so dry and are very bloodshot. Sidney is pretty wiped still. I think she and I look and sound a lot alike right now.

Chris is going to go get some food for tomorrow and some Easter items for the kids to hunt. Our cupboards are pretty bare anyways but we definately don't have anything for an Easter meal. Our food won't be as good as Grandma Williams' either :) We might attempt to make cheesy potatoes. Chris is going to have to do the cooking though. We will see how the night and morning goes before we decide if we will be going to church.

On a funny note...Chris and the kids are playing something like Guitar Hero right now. Micah got done with a song and it told him that he played like a little girl :)

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