Friday, March 21, 2008

Orange flavored fun

I usually go to the doctor for some sort of cold at least once a year around February or March. I used that one time today.

I haven't written for awhile because we have had some major sickness in our household. Quinn was sick last week with a double ear infection. Micah got sick earlier this week. He seemed to be doing really good though yesterday so I thought he was over it.
I started to feel sick on Tuesday but thought it was just a cold. I really can't take a whole lot of medications because of Quinn so I have really only had Tylenol. I haven't been able to sleep because I just cough all night long.
Sidney was pretty sick too. She got Sick on Monday night. She was crying all night and just looked miserable. She gets this glassy look to her eyes when she is sick and she has had that from Tuesday until today. She went to the doctor with Chris yesterday because she was complaining that her ear hurt. She had an ear infection.
Micah starting complaining today that his ear hurt. His cough was getting worse too and he was a little more sensitive as well, which usually isn't like him. To play it safe, I decided to take him in to the doctor tonight just in case he really did. It is hard to know if a 3 year old is telling the truth about pain and you always wonder if he is really understanding what is being asked of him.
Since I was taking Micah in, I thought I might as well have them check me out too. I wasn't sure if there was something other than a cold but I was in a lot of pain and pretty weak and I would really like to sleep again. I run around with 5 kids in the house all day and it was taking its toll on me. I even attempted to go to bed last night at 9:00 PM but didn't really sleep until about 3:00 am. I had a daycare child coming at 6:00 am so in between coughs and blowing my nose, it was a long night again. My throat hurts so bad too that I thought it was something more than just a cold. I have never had my throat hurt as bad as it does. I haven't had strep either since I was 9 months old.
The doctor looked at Micah first. He had a double ear infection.
Then, she looked at me. While I was trying to breathe and answer all of Micah's questions at the same time, she determined that I have broncitis and that my throat, sinus areas and nose are so inflamed that she hasn't seen something inflamed that bad for awhile. If I don't get better by Monday, I was told that it is more than broncitis and to go back in because it will most likely be pnemonia by then. Now I know why it is hard to breathe when I walk up the stairs or while I was shoveling snow today :)

So, the kids have some wonderful orange flavored medicine. Sidney hates juice and really hates oranges so it is a real joy to get that in her body. This morning, she spilled it on the couch. I'm not sure if that was intentional or not. Tonight, she spilled it again. I know that this was intentional. When she was little, I used to have to hold her, squeeze her cheeks and pour the medicine into her mouth. I basically had to do that today for her and it gets a little tougher to do this with a 6 year old.

We have a busy Easter weekend and it will be a lot of fun. I will be taking it a little slower than usual and will probably be a lot quieter than usual too. This kids should be fine, although they won't be able to run or do anything fast either. I have been whispering mostly today because that is all I can do without going into full cough mode (my new term for my coughing spasms). The kids are still very vocal :)

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