Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mmmmmm. Rice.

Our week has been pretty uneventful. Lots of Minnesota cold which seems to slow things down a bit.

Our biggest news of the week is that Quinn is now eating rice cereal. We had a well check on Wednesday and the Dr. said that he could start eating the cereal. So, we went to the store, picked some up and tried it.

The last two kids didn't like rice cereal at all when they were little but Quinn loves it! I was shocked!!! I put him in the high chair on Friday for the first time, got his cereal ready and he ate it all. He even opens up his mouth like a little bird when he wants more. He does sometime put his bib in his mouth or his fist and he makes quite a big mess but he does really well for being 4 months old. I do have some photos but don't have them downloaded yet. I will post these soon.

Quinn also puts himself to sleep so easily. I lay him down and he goes to sleep. The other two kids never did this either. I told myself that when Quinn was born, he wasn't going to sleep with us in bed and I think that was the key. We are almost ready to put him into the crib that is in the same room as Micah. That is a big step though and I think I need to prepare Micah a bit more for this :)

Sidney is ESP (Extra Special Person) at school tomorrow. She is VERY excited about this and has been working very hard on getting things ready for her class. She will be sharing some pictures with her class tomorrow and some of you are even in them. Sidney told me today that on Thursday she can bring something from home to show the class. Some of her friends have brought dogs, cats and other animals. She wants to bring Quinn.

Micah pretends that he goes to school too. When Sidney comes home from school, she tells me what she did and how her bus ride was. Micah then has to tell me how his day at school was and that he rode a blue school bus (Sid's is yellow). Our theme at day care last week was Fire Safety and we talked about stop, drop and roll so he was telling her all about fires and how to stop, drop and roll.

The time change is taken its toll on me today. I am just wiped out! I did get a lot of my taxes done this weekend but still have about half of it left to do. I have 3 self-employed businesses to do this year and it is a lot of work to get just one ready for taxes. Chris keeps telling me to get it done so he now has some things to do to help me get it done. My "free" time is really only between 9:00 PM and about 11:00 PM (as long as Quinn is sleeping) so I don't have a huge amount of time to work on this where I have solid blocks of time where I can truly focus.

Quinn is yawning and starting to fidget so I'd better get him fed so he can get some sleep tonight. Enjoy your week!

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