Monday, March 18, 2013

Tonsils are bye-bye for Quinn

We tried to get a picture of the humungo tonsils but we mostly just got a picture of his cruddy nose.  :)

We have had a few months now of getting ready for day.

Quinn got his tonsils out today and it has been a process...a process of anxiety, sadness, the uncertain and now...the pain.

This morning we checked-in at 9am and he went in for surgery a little bit after 10.  He was hungry but he did really well and really didn't complain about not eating and drinking as much as I thought he would.  (I was starving and ended up raiding the vending machines while he was in surgery...I tried not to eat in front of him but I am used to eating a lot of food pretty much all morning long)

After surgery was a little bit different.

I could hear Quinn down the hall as he was leaving the recovery room and he was not happy and was just ready to be held by his mommy or daddy.  He had a lot of thrashing and kicking at us...and screaming.  He had lots of screaming.  I would say that he doesn't have a great sense of pain management.  He does have some great words though and he knew what he wanted when he repeated over and over, "I want to go home."

Quinn had a few doses of some pain medication to help calm him down a bit and after about 2 hours of holding him and getting him back to normal a little bit...we got to go home.  The ride home was eventful and he almost took my arm off as I was trying to hold his hand while he was screaming...but he just wanted to rest and be held.  Who could blame him for that?

He is actually sleeping now and will be up soon with some more screaming I am sure...but I wanted to share a few pictures from our day and quotes from today:

"I want to go home." - said this about a million times today
"Help me, momma." - this one just about breaks your heart

"Where are his tonsils?  Did Quinn get to bring them home?"

Checking out his bracelets.  1 for his name.  1 for his allergies.
Little Quinn before surgery.  He was very brave...and had a little bit of help with that.  ;)

The screaming and kicking finally stopped long enough to enjoy a popsicle.  
The only thing that he wanted to DS...other than going home.
1 to 2 weeks of this (probably more like the 2)...someone is wanting his mommy.  

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