Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To Chris...Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Chris!

I haven't been to a store without you for about 3 weeks because "family outings" seem to always be happening or we have someone sick and we can't go anywhere (a.k.a.  also the last 3 weeks).

Since I havent' been anywhere and I couldn't get out tonight because Micah was sick, this will just have to do for Valentine's Day.

You've supported me in many ways these last 13 years (almost)...from my crazy business hours, working with Teen MOPS, the kids' good and not so good days...and my good and not so good days.  You have been with me and supported me as I have been on my journey to get healthier and I appreciate your support (although one of these days I will be making stuffed peppers and you will like them) :)
You are my favorite husband.  :)        


I know that you would LOVE to have one of these little animals.  Yeah...I'm not ready for that.  You can have this picture though and keep staring out the window at our neighbors' dog.  :)

 Happy Valentine's Day!
-Love, Me

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