Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Power Rack

I'm slacking on the posts lately but I think I am just gearing up for some major posting next week with photos.  :)  We are heading to a little bit warmer climate than Minnesota and will soon be seeing a very pretty castle.

At the moment I should be thinking of what to pack but I am just trying to get rid of a headache...which isn't an easy thing to do when there are 8 kids who seem to have no volume control.  This is day number 3 or 4 of the headache but at least the sore throat, most of the coughing and congestion are all gone.  We have 2 others in the family that are not in as great of shape though and are at the doctors office now...hopefully getting some medicine to get over this yuck a little faster.  A plane ride with a cold won't be much fun.

My goal is to update my workouts today so that will be something to do later...I can't wait to see how much I have lifted.  The total isn't huge because I have been sick and haven't done all of my workouts each day but it is still better than sitting on the couch doing nothing.

I did want to stay in bed this morning and sleep.  I love sleeping.  :)  I did get up though and went to the gym and my body was fighting me every step of the way this morning.  I am so glad that I got up though and went because I had a GREAT workout at the gym.

I have wanted to try something at the gym and it is just one of those things that are a bit on the intimidating side.  Why big pieces of metal with other pieces of metal on them seem to be BIG SCARY THINGS really is beyond me...but I was set out to figure that out today.  This is the machine that I was going to conquer today!

It really doesn't look like much but it is missing a few pieces...a barbell and weights.  

This power rack was open today at the gym and I've had my eye on it for awhile.  Usually it is busy with guys lifting heavy stuff...doing deadlifts or squats or who knows what else.  This morning though it was almost like there was a light on it and I was supposed to notice that there wasn't a single person close to this and that today was the day to try something new.  Ahhhh!  

I warmed up and then I beelined it over before someone else could grab it.  

What to do, what to do?  I wanted to do some squats today but first I had to figure out the best way to use the machine.  After one failed attempt I realized that maybe standing the other way would work better.  And was like magic.  :)  I added more weights and realized that I can squat a lot more than what I thought I was capable of.  

I had so much fun!  (That may seem really odd for a lot of people...but at 5:45am today I was squatting 95 pounds and I could have done a lot more.  I can't wait to load the bar up again and see how heavy I can really go.)'d better move over because that power rack now has another regular user.  

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