Friday, January 18, 2013

The Journey...Truth in Labeling

Challenge #1.

This is our first challenge with The Journey!  It is simple, will take maybe 2 minutes of your time (if that) but will give you something to think about for a few days.  There is a possibility that just taking these 2 minutes may change what you put in your grocery cart the next time you are out.

Step 1:  Take one thing out of your fridge, freezer or pantry that was not purchased on the outside aisles of a grocery store (you know those areas...where the produce, meat and cheese are!).  Find something that is in a box...a container of something that you think really tastes good.  Maybe this is your favorite cereal.  This could include the tasty crackers that you munch on in the afternoon with a snack.  How about that microwave popcorn you eat before bed?

Step 2:  what are the first 5 ingredients that are listed?  Take a few seconds and write down those 5 ingredients on our Facebook page or make a comment here.  Don't be ashamed or think people will judge you for what is in your house and what you are posting.  This isn't about them...this is about you.

Step 3:

  • How many of these ingredients are sugar or a form of sugar?  Not sure?  You can find out what ingredients are actually a form of sugar at this website (yes, it is a Livestrong site and no, I don't think the site has been enhanced by drugs in any way).  
  • Can you actually pronounce all 5 ingredients?  

What did I find?
I looked through some cabinets and the fridge today and found a few things...

This is what my 5 year old ate for breakfast this morning.  See what the second ingredient is?  

Just something else I found in the pantry.  Nothing like some high fructose corn syrup
in your crackers to make you go "mmm, mmm, good", right?  I know it wasn't one of the first 5
ingredients but it is still in there.
Disclaimer:  I don't eat perfect.  I try and do a lot better than I used to but I will never have this food stuff figured out 100%.  Eating "clean" is a great for our bodies and something I would love to follow more than I do.  Would I love to eat a package of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, maybe even one of those Big Cups?  I would.  Am I going to?  Not right now.  :)

What is The Journey?
We all have a journey. This site will help show you how:

  • to reach those fitness goals that you have with simple exercise plans and changes you can make with food choices.
  • get kids moving and active and away from those screens.
  • tips for women who juggle life with families or are just trying to be real in this virtual world.
All of this starts with one change at a time.  Join us!  Just "like" the page on Facebook.  A website will be coming soon as well.

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