Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Real moment..life the last few days

It's time for a real moment...cause, trust me...life in this house is not always picture perfect.

Here is a glimpse of our last few days:

  • the dust in our house is so thick that I can write things in it.  Does anyone else notice this or is it just me?  Some of this may be because we recently remodeled a bathroom but I think it is also because it is just dusty and the furnace is going non-stop.  
  • I have a kid with a fever that keeps coming and going today.  Hard to get a little one to rest when they don't always feel good...then feel great...then feel good.
  • Middle child lost his glasses yesterday.  We searched for 3 hours, cleaned at the same time and made the kids' beds three times...yes, three times.  These are bunk beds so also not the easiest to make.  Are the glasses found?  Nope.  No clue where they are.  Does the middle child tend to be emotional when situations like this happen.  Yes.  Not only did we have the glasses missing and rooms turned upside down but a kid crying spontaneously throughout the day.  Can we say "fun MLK Jr. Day?"
  • I have a little bit of frustration with a current job.  Let's say that the communication level between the company and the employees is on a need-to-know basis...or "the doors are closed and we are telling you via a local newspaper" now what? type of thing.  I have been told many different things and am constantly feeling like I am running up a climbing wall just to get one step ahead in this situation.  Promises are made and then...oops...we lied.  Do I trust anything that I am told...not a word.  We are just going to go with the flow and see what the next few weeks turn out like because that will really tell me if I am still moving forward or stuck in a rut.
  • I like to eat chocolate...and sometimes I do.
  • I have some major zits right now (maybe because of the chocolate or is that really a myth?).  I'm in my 30's and I shouldn't have zits.  I don't like them.  Get them off of me now.
  • I taught some classes this morning at the gym and I was a bit on the sore side still from boxing class on Saturday.  Teaching an abs class while your stomach muscles are still screaming even when you sneeze...not a real fun time today.  Exercise and working out has its rewards but sometimes it is a painful process...and Saturdays workout gave me pain.
  • I burned my arm the other day trying to eat something healthy that I have found that I like...sweet potato!  I know...I'm boring...but I like them.  I only at them after a workout because it is a good carb for that.
...oh...and I dropped eggs on the floor while making lunch today.  

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