Friday, January 4, 2013

"_______" on fire

The song by Alicia Keys that goes "this girl is on fire!" goes through my head a lot.  If you really know me you also have come to the realization that those are the only words to that song that I actually know.  So, that is what I sing...over and over.  It makes the other human beings in our house just so happy.  ;)

As I am walking up and down my stairs today I am realizing that my quads are on fire so...of course, I changed the words to the song and sang, "these quads are on fire!".  Today was a lower body workout type of day and I am feeling it.

I did 70 squats this morning and a lot of deadlifts...and I am feeling that extra weight that I put on those bars today.  I am supposed to increase the weights that I use by about 5 pounds each time...and that is a challenge with the workout I have right now.  Today I started off by doing a set of 20 reps of squats on the squat rack.  20 is a lot.  Each set goes down in the number of reps that I do and by the end I really just want to sit down and not finish the 10 that I have left.  My legs are basically screaming..."if you make your butt go down one more time I am not going to be able to lift you back up."

I also worked on a few other lower body things but one that seems to stand out for me is the reverse crunch.  I had no idea this existed until last week.  It might look easy but I can tell hurts but feels so good when you know you finished.  Last week I thought that I may just die on the mat at the gym.  Today I actually had a thought that I could master this technique.  I have a long ways to go until I do that but at least today it didn't feel like I was going to throw up when I was done with these crunches.  It reminds me a bit of when I started to do crunches again the regular first it seemed impossible.  Each additional time that I worked on crunches the more I could do!  Success!

What I lifted today: 4,085 pounds

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