Monday, January 7, 2013

It's in the mail

Exciting news!

In the we speak (or write)...are my materials to become a certified cycling instructor and group fitness instructor.  I am also getting info about kickboxing but won't be certified in that.  Doesn't that sound so fun!?  Ok...most people may not think so but I am pretty excited about this.  

Besides the exciting is Monday.

Since it is is something funny that I found that might cheer you up a bit.  I've actually seen the youtube video of this too.  I can't believe people dressed up like this on purpose.  I just don't get it.  Maybe someone can fill me in on why someone would do this.

After a very restless night of sleep because of my 5 year old, I did hit the gym and today I lifted exactly the same amount as I lifted yesterday...just with my lower body.  Yesterday was upper body.  As I added up the numbers it was pretty funny that it was dead on as far as weight.

Hardest exercise today:  Bulgarian Split Squats.  These are not my favorite things to do but it is on my list of what I am supposed to do so I still do them.  They hurt number 8 they are making my legs feel like they are on fire...and then I still have 2 more to do.

Favorite exercise today:  back extension with weights.  Nothing like hanging over something with a plate on your chest as you lift your body up to make a straight line again.  I finish these with a set of 20 reps...that is challenging but when you are done you know that you just accomplished something that most people wouldn't try.

I am a little bit nervous about something today...tonight I have to get up in front of 90+ girls and their families for AHG.  I'm not nervous about the talking part or being in front of people...that doesn't bother me.  What is in my mind is that my pants that I have to wear don't fit anymore.  At the last meeting for AHG they were pretty baggy and I had a really good belt holding them up.  Well, my belt is on the last hole and I even have room in the belt but can't make another hole.  Overall, the pants just look ridiculous...I know it.  Let's just say a little prayer during the opening prayer that my pants just stay up.  I have to wear khaki pants and I only have this one pair and no skirts that are khaki.  I should be happy about this is a little nerve recking to know that my pants could fall down.  :)  More shopping will be needed I guess but I just don't like khaki pants anyways so I'm not rushing out to go find some.  


See Jane Cook, See Jane Run said...

Jessica, I LOVE your blog!! You are already one of my favorites to follow :) Congrats on getting the stuff for cycling and group X (you certainly have subbed for me enough!) - you're already a phenomenal instructor!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jane! It will be nice to finally get those, if all of group x could actually be stable for a bit...that might be nice. ;)