Sunday, January 6, 2013

The lovely bodyweight exercises...and what I lifted today

Today I lifted 6, 410 pounds...but this number doesn't include everything that I lifted.

I told myself at the beginning of this challenge that I would not be including any bodyweight that I was lifting.  My reason:  Bodyweight exercises are a bit different in my mind.  For me, they are more mentally challenging.  Why?  They appear to be so easy and yet they are gut wrenching, pain filled seconds of physical exhaustion.  Bodyweight exercises may not always use all of your weight how was I supposed to really calculate that.  And...hopefully my bodyweight won't stay the should get lower as I go.  I don't like to get on the scale all that much though so it is a bit hard to keep track of my bodyweight when I don't go on a scale.

On my workout today was the lovely assisted chin ups.  I can't do a chin up on my own yet so I have to add some weight to counterbalance what I can lift.  Truthfully...I started working on this exercise probably a year ago and was pretty disappointed that I couldn't do more and so I just sortof avoided it most of the time.  In boxing though last time we did try chin ups...and being one of two girls that couldn't do them...makes you want to do them even more.  Now...I think I weigh probably 50 to 80 pounds more than all of those other women and am about a head taller than most too...but I still couldn't do one.  Today...I am halfway to my bodyweight for 6 reps and 6 sets.  I have a ways to go still to be able to do 1 chin up without help but I am getting there.  When I started trying these...I had all my weight minus 30 pounds as a counterbalance.  If I did calculate my assisted chin up in my number came to another 3,528 pounds that I lifted.  Since it is bodyweight though I am not counting that.

I don't always go to the gym on Sunday but today I ventured out into the 15 degree weather to visit the gym.  I wasn't there too early but the crowd today was quite minimal.  It was so small that I was one of two people that were actually lifting I had free range to do whatever and whenever I wanted.  No waiting!  It was great.  Since the benches were free and no one was around them I grabbed a bench, in front of the mirrors and free weights and that was where I finished up my workout today.  I usually avoid this area because it is usually taken already by the men in the gym.  The mirrors were so close to I was doing one arm rows on the bench I could actually see some muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.  I really was watching my form and not staring at myself but I couldn't help seeing a little muscle.  It was kindof cool.  :)  That really has never happened to me before.  Don't worry...I am not going to turn into one of those who stand in front of the mirror, flexing and pulling their shirt up to see their 6 packs.  That will not be me at the gym.

Here is what I did and lifted with all of the sets and reps this morning:
Barbell Push Press = 1,800 lbs.  (favorite!)
Assisted Chin-ups = 3,528 lbs.
Dumb Bell Bench Press = 800 lbs.
One Arm Row = 1,200 lbs.
Dumb Bell Curl = 450 lbs.
Lying Dumb Bell Extension = 720 lbs.
Dumb Bell Lateral Raise = 1,440 lbs. (2nd favorite!)

I also did some measurements today and was very, very happy with the results.  I will be posting soon about my progress and how much I have lost.  Let's just say...I have had to buy a new coat, I have 2 pairs of jeans that sortof fit as long as I wear a belt and cinch it up and my spandex pants are falling off as I run.

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