Sunday, December 2, 2012

4 Amazing Things!

Four amazing things in this somewhat stressful, full of sick kids and family drama non-amazing week:

1)  In boxing I am now in the phase where I block punches.  It sounds way worse than it actually is so don't think that I am getting hurt...I'm not.  I've only seen 1 other person in class do this so either they want to just scare me in the class or they must think I'm ready for a little bit more than a routine jab.  Here is how it a pretty fast pace (they call it "real time") I block the right side of my head with my glove as the person hits their glove on mine (at my head), I block the left side for the same reason, I give a left jab and then a right hook.  AWESOME!

2)  I am conquering the speed bag.  This may seem like a very simple thing to do...just hit a bag with the side of your first.  This takes a lot of practice and so much more concentration than I thought.  I've tried the bag now twice and I can go from using my right hand to my left hand without the bag stopping or getting messed up...most of the time.  :)

3)  I am officially employed by WOW...the gym that I go to.  I am subbing at the moment until the end of December for the regular cycling instructor.  She will be coming back in 2013 to be the regular teacher again.  There was a lot (and I mean...A LOT) of confusion once I started subbing and a lot of turnover with teachers and our "boss".  It is actually calming down a bit and I am getting at least 1 class of my own starting in January...maybe 2.  I will find out soon.

4)  I just bought the next size down in jeans!  AND they fit.  :)  I was not this size in college.  So I am now realizing that I might have to do some shopping.

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