Thursday, November 8, 2012

The life of Jessica's snapshot

Nothing like writing a little bit after a trying day.  Here was my good, my bad and my somewhat ugly parts today.

First job...cycling class.  
100% happy about this class today.  Enjoyed all 50+ minutes of class and the workout I had before class.  Some of the people in class are asking when my regular classes will be after I am done being a sub and at the moment my communication to the gym seems to be just going one way.  No answer on that for now.  I'm not getting my hopes up because when I do and they come crashing down it really hurts.  So...I am just doing what I am doing for now and will ride this as long as it takes me.

I have been a sub for an abs class twice too.  That is a different experience and not something I know much about, especially since I have never taken an abs class before.  Thanks to boxing though I used a lot of those conditioning exercises in the abs class as well as other moves I have learned through Jeff and Girls Gone Strong.  The first class was a pretty rocky experience, the second class went a lot better and I felt more comfortable that day (I also had about 12 hours more time to prep rather than waking up and getting an e-mail asking me to cover class in 2 hours)

I am having a blast at the moment though with cycling and actually heard this conversation at the end of class today, "Jessica must not be the new girl any more.  She is yelling at us now."  (they said this with a sense of humor and they were just being funny)  I did go on to clarify with them that yes, I am still the new person since I get absolutely no information on what is going on and my yelling was not yelling, it was loud encouragement.  :)  It's a great class and very loyal people that wake up early to workout.

 To sum up the rest of the working day...
1) the volume level in our house is always at ear piercing levels. I am very serious about that statement.  Doesn't matter what I do, certain beings just have a crazy volume level and makes others plug their ears. You dont know loud till ya hear my house. This is all day, people, except when sleep is going on.

2) the "glares of death" from little ones has been a constant as well today. These are not nice smiley eyes...these are like daggers shooting at me.  I walk to the left...the eyes follow me.  I walk to the right...they still follow me.  Nothing I said or did was right for certain little people and they let me know it by their looks as soon as they walked in the door.

3). Kids in timeout. I might as well just rotate them in that spot today.

4). No naps. Enough said. Right?!

5). I finally got to eat my lunch at 2:15pm. (See no naps note above and I've been up since 4:30am...I am hungry.)

6) Kids and their behavior with parents.  I know the kids have trouble with the transition from day care to home but some days they are just a little overboard with their attitudes. I had a kid snarl at me yesterday morning as I said "good morning". Now, I've been working for about 2 months on having this child answer people when they are asked a question or when someone greets them. Snarling was not one of the responses I taught them. Nice way to start the work day, huh?

7). Last but not least, my own children. GOOD-ness. How many times do I seriously need to tell them not to bother the kids or me as kids are going home? Everyday...I guess that is the answer. Williams kids... Yes, I am talking to you.

I should mention a few cute moments too. My day isn't 100% horrible, just 98%. Here was the other 2%.

1). We are talking about Operation Christmas Child this week. The kids are gathering items, learning about other kids and who might be receiving the boxes and how Jesus loves everyone. One of the kids made two pictures for the boxes and wanted to make sure the kids getting the boxes had a birthday card too along with their Christmas gift. (This was done during the time they should have been sleeping but at least they used their time in a way that helped others.)

2). At lunch we were eating like always. Out of the blue, in a very sweet voice I heard "Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He really did."

Time to end the, paperwork and laundry.


Cori said...

Have you started the countdown to daycare ending? ;) You are obviously making an impact, though. If they only learn that Jesus really died for them, that's worth it all! Keep up the good work! :)

Jessica said...

Hmmm...have I started a countdown. Chris says that whatever I do has to still make money. Right now all the things I really want to do don't qualify as "money" but more as pocket change. :) I do know though that I have had 2 very challenging years in day care. This is one of them.