Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Running Uphill

Running uphill is a challenge.  You have to work hard, be mentally ready for the hills and try.  Sometimes it is a lot easier to go up those hills when you have someone by your side racing you.

I am now in the last 2 phases of my journey.  It has been a very long road but one that has been worth every hour when I could have been sleeping, every muscle ache from the exercises and every drip of sweat.  (I think I could fill a pool with all the drips I have had!)

2 phases.  That seems unreal at the moment but the reality is...I am finally here.  I can see this finish line and I am pretty excited about it.  I have been looking at this finish for over 2 years, working hard to reach this goal.  Some days I didn't think I would ever make it but I never gave up.  I still woke up early, I still tried new things, I still challenged myself and worked hard.  That is the only reason why I am now at the point where I am.  If I would have given up because "it's too hard" or "it's too early to get up" I would be back at the beginning and would need to start all over again.  I am SO glad that I am not at the starting line again!


Snapshot of what I am doing now and what my goals are currently...

  • I am now at the weight I was at the end of high school.  Crazy.  
  • I made it to and past my goal that I have had in my mind and struggled with for the past year or more.  I have now lost over 70 pounds!
  • I have been teaching cycling classes for over a month now and really enjoying it.  I also covered two abs classes which...were interesting, considering I had never been to an abs class before.  :)
  • I am working on trying to teach classes at the gym I go to on a regular basis and not just be "the sub".  This actually has been an uphill battle in and of itself because of management and company changes and a little bit on the frustrating side at times.  After learning some things today I may actually have my foot in the door again to be an actual instructor.
  • The first boxing class is over and the next one starts this weekend!  Nothin' like hitting a bag.
  • I have three new weightlifting goals in mind that I am determined to accomplish and work towards.  1)  deadlift my weight (I am about 20 pounds away but haven't been doing these consistently) 2) increase weights on squats (this scares me a bit and I may have to start with the squat rack until I get comfortable with free weights) and 3) learn how to bench press.  I have a spotter for this one and now just have to learn how to do this properly.
The past few months I have been struggling with food.  I like food and I really like to eat it.  :)  I am not one who has great self-control with food and I know it.  I wouldn't have been 70+ pounds heavier if I did have self-control.  Those are all facts.

I also had all the information that I needed in order to break this major plateau that I was on.  I could recite to you what I was supposed to eat, what I should stay away from and even how much protein to eat if you like to lift weights.  What I was missing though was the help...someone to finish walking up this hill with me to continue with this journey.  I may be strong for a woman but I couldn't finish this journey on my own.

Chris started following a low-carb diet.  He was semi-excited but motivated to stay with it.  After he was eating this way for a few days I decided that it was time for me to jump in and do this too.  I could help him stay on track.  He could help me.  If you read about fat loss it is basically "get rid of carbs".  I know it.  I've read it a million times.  If I was truly serious about getting this last bit of fat off my body I had to follow this plan.  It's been in front of me this entire time and really it is just me needing to be ready to full accept this.

No sugar.  Very few carbs (like seriously small amounts).  Meat.  Salads.  That is about it.

It is working and I am enjoying the changes that I am seeing.  I even had a personal best with lifting the other day and lifted 270 pounds (plus the machine which is over 100 lb) on the leg press.  Do you know how good that feels?  I'll tell ya...awesome!  There are guys at the gym that can't lift that.  I know.  I've watched to see what they can do.  Can I lift more than that?  Yes.  I just am there by myself and am a little nervous as I lift things this heavy on my own.

I have a new goal in mind now and a fun reward for when I make it.  Mentally, I am still a size XXL with measurements that are crazy numbers compared to what they are now.  My head is still trying to grasp that I can wear clothing with just one letter on it and it will actually fit and not be tight.  

I'm excited for this to be the end.  Thank you, Chris, for being by my side in these last two phases!  

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