Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The search for a mom and a child

How do you know that God is watching?  Ever wonder how he can let such bad things happen at times and seem to not even notice those that are praying, hoping and asking for better things to occur?

Yesterday I learned that a child who is three was kidnapped by his mom, right here in one of the best places to live, Rochester, MN.  I know both the child and the mom and have spent a lot of time with them not too long ago.

Lots of questions in my mind today and since I heard the news.


  • Is the child ok?
  • Is the mom in a stable state of mind?
  • there will be an ending to all of this but what will that ending look like for all of those involved?
  • what can I do?
I don't know the first three answers to those questions but that last one...

A.  all I can do is pray.  

I know this mom and I know her story.  Her recent chapter though...what led to her current choices and decisions, I don't know.  I also don't understand.

Our church has been talking about "Restoring our broken world".  This is the new mission that they have and there seems to be a lot of vision with these words.  Vision is one thing though and action is another.  In order to restore this broken world we need to be with the people that need help.  In order to restore this broken world we need to step out of our comfort zone, get dirty with what our world really is.  Where are the non-Christians?  Hmm.  I'm thinking that most of them are not sitting next to you in the pews on Sunday.  

I am in the middle of a book called 7.  Ok...I actually just have about 10 pages left of the entire book.  The writer talked about just this topic.  Why are Christians that are supposed to be out helping others sitting in the same spot every weekend?  Is that where we will truly make a difference?  I understand the need for church services but I'm debating in my mind if our current idea of church is what Jesus was actually describing when he said, "Go into the world".

This mom, the one that kidnapped her son, has been in our church.  She has been on the stage in the sanctuary...she has literally been at our feet looking for help.  She took the first step to find us and yet she didn't get the help that she needed.  As her life got tough, she didn't come for support.

I am sure that after today there will be some news story, amber alert, photos and a brief comment that will go out that will become just...a story.  Unfortunately this is reality.  This is reality for a father that is missing his son.  This is reality for grandparents and great-grandparents.  This IS our world.  

Have you felt the nudge to get out of your comfort zone?

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