Wednesday, October 3, 2012

9 letters that I missed

Every have one of those moments where you just think, "Hmm, why did that happen?"

Yesterday I was getting things ready to make lunch for the kiddos.  I knew what I wanted to make.  I searched high and low for the recipe that I use all the time.  I couldn't find it.

Thankfully we have wireless internet in our house so I just grabbed my phone and did a search for chicken and rice casserole.  (I know, nothing fancy but the kids love it and it lets me still do other things with them while it is cooking.)

I get everything prepared and then notice 9 letters that I somehow missed in the directions.  These 9 letter were after the words "Submitted by".

...J. Saunders

As I read that name I knew that it had to be the one and only Janel Saunders.  Janel, our sweet friend that passed away not too long ago.  There is a chance it isn't from her but many J. Saunders are there that share recipes and write something like this...

"this recipe is so easy to make.  Just cover with foil and bake!  This is really nice to make before going to church or even put in a slow cooker before work.  Yum!"

Hello!  The word church is in there...Janel was ministering to those searching for recipes.  That is Janel.  :)

Here is the link to the recipe in case you want to try it.
not my actual picture of the recipe

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