Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Quinn's Lunch Convo

Making lunch for 9 little ones is so fun a challenge.  Not sure that there is much fun in the...

  • throwing food on the floor
  • making huge messes on our table and chairs
  • cleaning up piles of dishes, which means a dishwasher and then also the counters, table, chairs and floor (3 or 4 times a day)
  • the "I don't like this" comments that I hear from specific individuals or the glares as I walk by the table as I serve the food.
  • the babies screaming while the big kids are eating because...even though they just ate they see other people eating and think it is still their turn.
Don't ever stop over between 11am and 12:45pm...just don't.  You will regret making that move if you show up and don't bring me chocolate or some form of caffeine.  If you stop by and you don't bring one or all of those items you will see that you need to turn around, drive to Kwik Trip down the street and then come back.  :)

I have to just put that smile on my face and know that 12:45 is just around the corner.  12:45 is when my house is supposed to be quiet.  

Today was a different type of day though.  The sun was shining, the kids were actually fairly cooperative and all were using their manners.  Hark!  Angels were singing somewhere cause that just doesn't happen every day.

Quinn was eating his lunch and he said something that I just can't forget.  I know that I will though so the best thing for me to do is write is here.  Here is what he said, 

"Mom, can I have this recipe?  Can I have this recipe so I can make this food when I am older and can make this for my kids?  This is really good.  When I have kids I want them to eat this too."

If that doesn't make you smile...seriously...what will?

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