Friday, September 21, 2012

Girls Gone Strong Update!

Need some motivation to get to the gym?  Looking for those words of encouragement to keep you moving, try something new that you've been wondering about with your workout?  Maybe you are just curious about all those weights and big equipment on that one side of the gym.

I get A LOT of info from this group...Girls Gone Strong.  A lot would actually be an understatement.  I see what they are doing...I try it.  They put out a challenge and I see if I can make it or how close I can get to accomplishing that challenge.  I see what they are eating...I think about it first...and then sometimes I try it.  :)  More importantly...this is a group of women who are positive and are encouraging other women to change how they are working out.  Lifting heavy is kindof their thing.  Showing the rest of the world the benefits of lifting heavy, how to lift heavy and all that these skills accomplish are just part of their goals.  

Girls Gone Strong has only been on Facebook for awhile but their website is now up and running.  They even have some free things that they are offering.  I just read though their "99 Weightlifting Tips for Real Women" and I encourage everyone to read it.  

Here are a few of my favorite tips from "99 Weightlifting Tips for Real Women" written by Girls Gone Strong:
  • 13. Lifting weights won’t make you bulky. A poor diet is what makes you bulky.
  • 14. If you can stand up from sitting in a chair, you can squat!
  • 36. Deadlift. Why? Because it's an awesome lift, and it will make you even more awesome.
  • 53. If it's 6lbs or less, it's classified as a paper-weight.  (this one might be my favorite!)
  • 63. If it doesn’t spoil within 7-10 days don’t eat it. (working on this but it is really hard when our world is all about processed foods)
  • 90. Don’t be afraid to get callouses, but make sure you care for your hands.  (Yep...I have them!)
Want to see the rest of the tips, learn more about this group of 7 women...I strongly recommend it!  Click here for their link and check it out.  

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