Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Pictures!

I am always...with getting pictures out there.

This time though, really not my fault.  I have a computer that doesn't want to be a computer anymore and really just wants to be sold for parts.  In order to use the laptop it has to be constantly plugged in to something.  In our house, cords are not a good thing and just get chewed on by someone little, drooled on by someone little or tripped on.

I did get pictures uploaded though tonight!  That is such a huge success for me.

Here are some first day of school and some fun shots we took today at a local orchard.  These all look a little blurry but they really aren't.  Well...other than the one of Quinn where he is holding a sign.  It was raining and he is 4.  I'm lucky I just got him to stand still without jumping up and down the entire time...that is what he does when he is excited.  Enjoy the pictures anyways!  Oh...and there is one funny shot of an animal just for my hubby.  :)

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