Sunday, September 16, 2012

New Employee Of...

The news is out (mostly because I just got a newsletter in my inbox about 2 minutes ago with my picture on it) that I am now an official employee of Workout World.

I am still in the dark about most of the details but I know what I will be doing:  teaching cycling class as a sub while the normal teacher is on maternity leave.  I've been training with her for a few weeks and really have been soaking in what she has been teaching for over a year.  She is an excellent teacher and a great motivator so hopefully I can do at least half as good of a job as she does.  I will miss having her motivate me as she is gone with her new little one.

I'm excited, still a bit nervous but I know I can do this job.  I taught one full class last and two partial classes so far and have a few more weeks until her little one arrives to get in some more practice.  I'll be teaching in the early morning hours while most of you are still sleeping or just waking up to the sunshine.  :)  There may be some chances to sub for other classes but my time really limited so I'm not really looking for more things to do but if the opportunity is there and works for our schedules I can fill in.

Can I help someone get a membership?  Nope.
Can I train someone?  Nope.
Can I show someone how to work a machine?  Cycling bikes (like the picture), sure!  The rest of the machines at the gym...I would help you anyways but only if I already know how to work them.
Can I restock items or complain to management about something for you?  Nope.  I have no idea about how anything works other than cycling class at 5:45am.  :)

So, if you have any songs that you think would work for a cycling class, let me know.  I have 55 minutes of class twice a week and that is a lot of time to fill.


Cori said...

Congrats on the new job! :) I'm sure you'll do great! I've never tried spinning, so I can't help you with song selection. ;)

Jessica said...

Thanks! It's been pretty fun. Had a glitch with some technology issues the other day but we will have that figured out by Tuesday when I teach again. Then...I'll just be waiting for the regular teacher to have her baby or let me know when she is ready for a break. Should be fun. :) See ya soon!