Monday, August 6, 2012

Kettle bell workouts you can do at home!

Tabby has a few new friends.  (If you don't know who Tabby will figure it out real soon)

I had 5 days where I wasn't able to get to the gym.  Chris was out of town with Sid for a missions trip which means that those who watch the kids were gone.  It was just me and the boys.  I was anticipating this change in my workout schedule and tried to plan ahead.  I called a friend who I knew had a vast supply of workout items and asked to borrow a few items.

Tabby (middle) with her new friends...and Micah :)
I had a few workouts in mind that I wanted to try.  As I was searching online for an at-home workout with kettle bells I realized this:  there really is no excuse not to be able to work out at home.  There is so much info out there on the web.  YouTube alone has videos galore of what you could do with just your body weight.  Add a few tools like a kettle bell or dumbbell and your options really open up a lot.

Next was figuring out what I really wanted to do.  I thought that I would share the workout that I did at home, where I found it and also a few other sites that offer great at home resources.

Here is the kettle bell workout I did.    Part 1.

Here is part 2 that I also did.

Printable version of the workout

What did I think?
Overall, it was really good.  I even brought the kettle bells to my mom and did a workout with her.  My mom doesn't lift weights at all and walks on a treadmill.  This was a good change for her and I wanted to share with her something that she could do at home.  She did a lot of these exercises without weights, which for a beginner is an option.  As with any workout though, you will get the results based on the effort that you exert.  (By the late afternoon she was starting to get sore...  :)  
Was I sweating?  Yes.  Was I sweating as much as I usually do at the gym?  No.  I did do a lot of explaining as we were doing the exercises and so we weren't working out continuously for 30 seconds with each exercise the entire time.  I also missed doing a warm up and cool down, which is just the norm for me at the gym.  I'm sure I could have run up and down stairs to get that same or similar effect but I didn't think of it at the time.
I did add a few additional things too...some push-ups, some additional lunges, squats and some glute exercises.

I'm not sure that this duo is the right fit for me personally but I do think that they provide some great resources to try.  Their video is a really nice quality and it is very easy to understand the exercises that they are doing and talking about.

Here are a few other resources for kettle bell workouts.  These are two of the top websites that I go to for great information on anything fitness & nutrition.  If you try these, let me know what you think!
Kettle Bell and Bodyweight Workout by one of the Girls Gone Strong members
5 minute Body Sizzler by Streamfit

Things can go wrong when you use kettle bells.  I spent about 20 minutes with my mom just trying to get her to pick up the kettle bell the right way and swing it correctly.  Here is just one example of what could go wrong ;)

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