Sunday, June 3, 2012

YOU can do this...YES you can!

Before I post what I am for today I just have to say...WOW!

There are a lot of people that are curious or wanting to get on board with the scale revolution.  So far over 100 people have viewed that first post.  Crazy!  I will be posting some pictures up and more information soon and will show you the reason why the scale isn't really telling you the entire truth about your body.

Here is something that you can do at home.  Anyone can do this and not only will you feel better after you do it but you will get stronger too.  The first time might be pretty tough and probably the second time too.  You may be sore in places you forgot about but that is just showing you how much you really need to continue doing these exercises.

Try CAN do this!!!  If you can't the first time it really is just showing you that you should try again.  I promise that if you keep trying and working hard at these, you will feel like they are getting easier.  The fact is though that these doesn't get are getting stronger.

IF you are brave enough to try these you must put a comment in this blog so others can be motivated by you.  You can follow this page too to see what others are thinking, trying and also keep tabs on what I am doing.  I have started using Twitter too and am trying to put my workout updates on that and it should show up on the right side of the blog.

I'm thinking this will be part of my workout in the morning.  Should be fun!

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