Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Scale Revolution

The very much needed food revolution has already been started.  I totally agree with this and wish we could just scrap the entire school lunch program (at least the one in my current town, seriously...3 types of pizza for kids in a two week period at times) AND close down every McDonald's that is out there.  Some of my family members may still want the Cherry Berry Chiller or Berry Cherry Chill (I can't remember the name) available though somewhere.  :)

Yes, we have issues with the food that is manufactured, marketed to and consumed by all of us.  I don't see McDonald's going out of business any time soon though or the cereal manufactures that make all those sugary cereal for our kids.  As consumers we have to make better choices with our shopping and eating.  When you get right down to it...it really isn't the stores, fast food joints and manufacturers that are making a huge population in America obese and on their way to being diabetic.  The choice is all up to the person.  Do you put that french fry in your mouth OR go eat an apple?  Do you drive through real quick because you are in a hurry and your kids are screaming OR do you plan ahead and bring some healthier options for the car?  McDonalds is not cramming that fry down your through.  YOUR hand is the one that is picking up that fry, putting it in YOUR mouth and then YOUR mouth takes over.  In fact, YOU even paid to have that fry.  Don't blame a fast food joint or company for making a product that you are buying.

Not only has our world become obsessed with bad food but we have seen the scale be one of the biggest ways to validate if someone is overweight or obese.  The scale has also become the focal point for many women's daily lives.  The start of their day and the end of their day...a little step up to see what number we are at now.  Did I eat too much today?  Am I already too heavy to eat out at lunch or have that brownie later?  How much time do I need to spend on that treadmill after work?

I am going to claim that we not only should have the already famed food revolution but that we start a scale revolution.  Over the next few posts I will be talking about why we need to stop using scales as the method of knowing if we are healthy and on the right track.

When was the last time that you were on the scale?  Were you happy with yourself after you saw that number?

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