Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Scale Revolution pt. 2

When I get passionate about something I usually don't stay quiet.  At the moment I am pretty much all riled up because of The Scale Revolution.  This subject has obviously hit a nerve with a lot of women because Pinterest is going crazy right now with the first post about The Scale Revolution.

Why am I passionate about this subject?
I am pretty adamant about The Scale Revolution because...I honestly don't feel like the BMI is accurate for all body types.  For so many years I have stepped onto that silver, digital scale.  For so many years I would feel bad about myself because of the number that I saw after the 0.  Can you relate?

I'm not talking about just a year or two or a few years while I was pregnant with my kids and trying to get that weight off.  No.  I'm talking about...oh...let's just say, since I can remember.

I am a 5 foot, 10 inch woman.  I've had 3 kids...all over 9 pounds and 21 inches or more (Yes, I can hear your gasps).  I used to say that I was big boned.  I think that was actually a medical term put in my chart at the doctors office for "chubby child" or it was just something that my parents told me.  If I was to use the BMI charts I would always be above the recommended weight for a person my age and height.  Right now, I am supposed to be between 135 pound and 175 pounds.  I seriously think that all of my bones and insides weigh over 150 pounds.  In high school, when I had practice for sports twice a day at times, I was 180 pounds.  Running in the gym over and over down a court, two practices a day several times a week...I was still not in my ideal weight category.  I am not sure that my body can be healthy and actually be in the ideal weight category for my height.

I know the scale isn't the perfect fit for me to analyze if I am healthy or not.   I am tired of feeling yucky and dissatisfied with myself after I see that flash of three digits.  I am tired of having my self-worth be crushed by a number that I am not wanting to accept.  I am tired of working so hard at eating right, working out at the gym with some serious weights and trying to stay motivated to go to the gym each morning only to have my hopes of reaching a specific goal crushed as a specific number is still not being reached on the display in front of my toes.

So, what am I going to do?
I have to get rid of the scale.  You heard me!  I am getting rid of the scale.  For 6 months...no stepping onto any scales (unless a doctor makes me...but I won't look at the number).  I have already gone 1 month so just 5 more to go.

The scale is gone and has been for awhile.  I have been on this journey to get healthier for a long time and the scale has been part of that process for part of it.  I know though now that the scale is not the best way to monitor if your body is on a healthy journey.  The next post I will share what I keep track of and also share some before and after photos.

Can you take your toes away from your scale?  Can you put your scale away for at least a week, a month or more?  Can you start putting your self-worth into YOU rather than a number?

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