Friday, May 18, 2012

First boo boo of the summer



Kids yelling at me to come quick.

The words, "he fell from the top" in the mix of all the screaming.

The reality is that the sounds were really a lot worse than what had happened.  The marks left on Quinn's body just go to show that, yes, he did fall from the tree house and, yes, he got a little banged up.

as you can tell from his expression...he is doing pretty good now.
I didn't see the blood at first but soon found it as I inspected Quinn (as instructed from all of my First Aid/CPR training...other than telling him who I was and asking if I could help him).  We later found the scratches and saw that his back was scratched a bit and bruised up.  He is a trooper though and calmed down really fast.  He did tell me that is brain got banged around.  The 4 year old translation of that = "I hit my head on the ground really hard and now have a headache".

He was really calm, that is...until he saw his face in the mirror when we went to clean him up.  His exact words were, "Look at my face!"  Sob, sob, sob.

Good thing out of all this...we didn't have to go to get him fixed up by a Dr.!  Just Dr. Mom.  :)

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