Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My latest meal addictions

There are a handful of foods that I think I could live off of...seriously.

I have no order of favorites.  I do eat these almost every day.  Now, just look at the pictures and let your mouth drool, cause it should.  :)

I just recently found these.  OMG.  The cherry pie one tastes just like a cherry pie.  I may never have to eat a regular pie again if I have one of these in my hand.  (That's a lie...I will always have room to eat French Silk from Baker's Square)  The best thing about this, there are about 4 ingredients that make up this delightful food.  4.  And I can pronounce them all.

My coffee drinking is now turning more into an addiction I think.  I am figuring out my favorites. I am learning what I like and don't like.  I am learning what my body likes and doesn't like.  Meaning...I really like Guatemala coffee by Narrow Road Coffee.  I've had other ones too but this is my favorite.  I do need to have some creamer with my coffee but have learned that there are some really bad ones out there.  I have educated myself and found ways to get around some of those high calorie, high sugar and chemically induced fancy creamers.  Not every place has what I like so I am still looking for other alternatives but I am reading those labels.  I have a pretty sensitive tummy too when it comes to creamers and milk based items and my tummy reminded me a few times to take it easy on those additions to my coffee.  My tummy actually makes sounds that I can hear when this happens so it is pretty clear to me when I should stop using something and find an alternative.  My favorite right now is a soy version of half & half.  So far I have only found it at Trader Joes but have also only looked at one other place...Walmart.  Walmart does not sell this.  I looked this morning at 7am.   

One of my day care moms brought me some delicious goodies one day.  Dark chocolate covered espresso beans from Trader Joe's.  There has been some talk among my day care moms of this special treat and seeing it appear before me was a special moment.  I have not ate the entire container yet but I did buy another know, just for when that moment comes when I do need some chocolate and a bit of an energy burst...or chocolate.  :)

This IS the best yogurt that I have found.  I used to think that other yogurt was good.  Nope.  This one is good.  So far the strawberry is my favorite with blueberry in a close second followed by raspberry.  I haven't tried the other kinds.  

Now I am hungry.

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