Monday, April 2, 2012

Knowing Your Limits

This is a simple post for me to write but also a reminder for anyone to know what your limits are.

Why would I write about this?

Hmm...because I am on day 3 of hardly being able to walk down my stairs or walk in general without limping.

It all started with a beautiful, orange colored weight called the 10 pounder  (x2).

On Friday I was doing some of my exercises, some that I have been doing for weeks.  I put one leg up behind me on a bench and then squat a little bit as I am balancing with the one foot on the ground.  I hadn't used weights with this exercise yet and was still working on just my balance and strengthening one side of my leg since it wasn't as strong or flexible.  Progress was slow but I felt like I was at that point where I was ready to add some weights.  (that word "some" should be emphasized)

There were 2 orange weights on the floor at the gym and they were both 10 lbs.  I tried it once and felt fine.  I was pretty sure I could finish up my reps.  I even thought for a few moments that I could have increased the weights if I needed to.  I stuck with those pretty orange weights though and just kept using those.  I also had the thought that I probably should have gone with lower weights to start with but that would have required me to go find other weights.  These pretty orange ones were so conveniently located already since someone else didn't put them away.  (I know...two very contradicting thoughts...higher weights/lower's 5am, what do you expect)

Saturday AM...crazy pain going down my quads, especially on my left side.  I foam rolled.  I took lots of Aleve.  I tried stretching.  Walking alone was just hard enough.  No gym for me today.

Sunday AM...same pain and it was just slightly better.  More foam rolling.  More Aleve.  More stretching.  No gym.

Monday AM...I did go to the gym!  I really had to watch what I was doing today though.  The pain level is still pretty high but I found that the more I moved the better my legs were.

I learned my lesson.  Know my limits and progress slowly.  Moving too fast is just going to keep me in bed on the days when I really want to be out running or at the gym.  A few more days and I won't even remember how painful my legs are right now.

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