Thursday, March 8, 2012

Birds are Building Nests...and how you can help!

Last year I found this great idea on how to help out the birds in the spring.  I am always looking for ways to get the kids involved with nature and helping out with different things that are hands on.  This was perfect!  The hardest part was having to wait until the birds would be back in the spring.

Yesterday on a walk I saw a robin!  I knew it was time.  I grabbed our supplies, got the kids together and we started talking about Spring!!!!!

Birds are starting to build their nests and helping them find those items that they might need is one way that we can help them.  If the items they use are colorful you can then also see their nests in the trees!

Here is how to make this craft:

  • Find colored items that birds can use for their nests.  We used colored yarn and some string that is really bright in colors that is used to make potholders.  You can also use items like cotton balls, dental floss and shredded paper.  

  • Use a mesh bag or an old feeder that the birds can get the items out easily.  You can also lay the items on a tree or somewhere so they can easily take the items.  Just make sure that you don't tie anything down.  A few other ideas are to put the items in a hanging basket, flower pot or in flower beds.  Wherever the items are place you should also have some bird feeders close by so the birds are attracted to the area where your items are placed.
  • Just watch...look around and see if you can find the brightly colored items that you placed outside for the birds in the nests that are created in the spring.

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