Friday, February 17, 2012

"Stories, inspiration and women" Jessica's Journey...February 17th

Want to get that extra push to do something you've never done?  

Want to be inspired by others?

Do you want to learn from others and see what they are doing?

I've talked about Girls Gone Strong before and really...nothing can inspire you more than seeing and hearing from other women that are on a journey themselves.  Women lifting 400 pounds or more?!?  (I've watched some of their videos and they are amazing and very strong women.)  Hearing stories of determination and accomplishment and women setting goals that they are reaching; that is some great motivation to push yourself a little bit harder the next time you are at the gym.  The resources that they provide and the stories that they share are always full of great information too.  The community of women supporting each's just priceless.

Check out this site that talks a little bit more about Girls Gone Strong.  People were asked to write in about what it is to be part of Girls Gone Strong in twitter style.  I don't think everyone followed that size limitation of their post but regardless of the length, all of the entries are motivating.  Look may just see a name you recognize.  ;)

To find Girls Gone Strong on Facebook...just click here.

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