Thursday, February 9, 2012's a Monkee

Last week...received the e-mail that a great person in our life is not able to fight her cancer any longer. between trips to stores with the kiddos all bundled up...received an e-mail from our friend with her update.  She is home.  She is ready to go to her next home, or least she is getting ready for this last part of her journey here on earth.  It is still just hard to comprehend that this really is happening.  The thoughts go through our mind of what we would be thinking if this was the path that our life would take.  I know the history in my family with that hateful word that starts with "c" and hopefully I never have to hear that news  again about someone that is close to me or even myself.  The odds are against us though in this country.  Cancer seems to be winning.

I was going through some blogs that I look at once in awhile and one caught my eye today.  I still am not entirely sure what this blog is but I am curious about it.  I learned A LOT more today and I wouldn't be doing the right thing if I didn't pass along the information.

This blog tells stories.  This blog helps others that need help.  This blog has it's rules.  This blog has a heart...or at least the people associated with this blog are very caring and generous and their compassion pours out from the computer screen.

The blog is called Momastery.

Right now the blog has a story about a family with 8 kids.  The oldest is 18 and the youngest is just a little one.  The mom and dad work hard to raise this family and part of that working hard has included no vacations...ever.  The mom just found out that she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer.  Click here to read more about their story and how you can help this family make a memory that may be one that lasts forever.

I know that the blog is asking people to help them make this memory.  The only question that I have for those who are cynical or say that they can't is this..."Would you want someone to help you if you were in this situation?".  $5 is a meal at a drive-thru, $5 is practically the amount that a coffee is at one of those non-Narrow Road Coffee houses ;), $5 is just a little bit of what you probably overspend at the grocery store already this week.  $5.

UPDATE:  They raised over $25,000 in 10 hours!  They are always looking for more people to help out.  Their website is updated pretty frequently with new people and be on the lookout.

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