Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stinkin' snowboards" Jessica's Journey, January 26th

I had a bit of a setback.  Have no fear, I will be back to lifting soon!

On Monday the kids had a snow day.  As many people do on snow days, we played outside and enjoyed the new snow and the brisk, cold weather.  One of the things that we did was ride on sleds, that was the kids mostly, and I did a lot of shoveling.  I cleared the entire driveway and then cleared it again after the kids kept dumping snow all over it with their buckets full of snow and their sleds that they filled up and then dumped.  Besides shoveling I also decided to try out this very colorful object that is used to go down hills.  That object would be Micah's snowboard.  The front of our yard is a gradual hill and I thought it would be simple.  Just hop on the board with both feet in the spots where they go and slide on down.  I was wrong and I now give a lot of credit to those who can successfully snowboard.  As a result of me not knowing what I was doing and being in my 30's (I am sure age has something to do with my lack of coordination) I fell.  I didn't just fall, I landed on my left wrist.

My wrist wasn't too bad and felt a little sore but wasn't horrible.  On Tuesday morning I decided though that I'd better get something to help stabilize it.  I came to this realization as I was doing my workout and with each weight and activity I could feel pain.  Each time I turned my wrist, Ouch!  If I pressed on the palm or tried to pick something up I could feel the pain go down my arm.  Somehow the combination of falling and lifting sent my wrist into major ouchiness.  (I know...that's not a real word)

My wrist is doing better but there is still pain.  A few more days and the pain should be gone and then I can go back to the weights.  I did go to spin class today and there were several moments where I tried to hold on to the bike and the pain was just a bit too much.  Spin class with 1 hand is interesting.  Makes you use just your lower body a lot more though...which is what spin is all about.

I was planning on finishing up my week tomorrow but I don't see that happening.  :(  Bummer, bummer, bummer.  I will be at the gym and I will just do what I can and what doesn't make me cringe.  In the past I probably would have just stayed home and slept in if I had an injury like this.  It's a new me though!  I can't let this little injury stop my journey.  No excuses!

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