Friday, January 27, 2012

"Barbell Glute Bridge" Jessica's Journey January 27th

One of the exercises that totally freaked me out (and I mean TOTALLY!) was the barbell glue bridge.

This is an exercise that really is hard to explain. A visual is much better. Amazingly...Girls Gone Strong just put out a video this morning of this exact exercise. It's like they were reading my mind.

It looks really tough and the name alone sounds very complicated. But, I can do this! (and I don't have any foam or cushioning on my bar...I need to figure that part out next) I am up to 170 lbs. lifting and my goal is to be at 200 lbs. soon. Not sure when that "soon" will be but it should be soon. :) I may attempt at doing some lifting Saturday morning as long as my wrist is doing ok. This may be one that I try to do...wonder if I can get to 200 lbs. tomorrow?

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