Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Butt Hurts! Jessica's Journey...January 31st

There are many moments where I wonder why I am making my body hurt.  Today, my butt, my thighs and somewhere in my upper abs just plain hurt.  (there are still some layers of fat other substances above those muscles so I can't really tell what hurts...just know that deep in there I have pain)

I am sure you are just jumping at the chance to hurt as well...am I right?  

Since I KNOW that you want to feel the pain from working muscles that are in need of some exercise I am giving you my workout that I did yesterday.  Here's the catch.  If you read this you have to try at least ONE of these exercises in at least the next 3 days and feel free to comment on what you thought!  Send me an e-mail, write on this blog or find me on Facebook.  If you don't want to try new things then you'd better stop reading.  :)

Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat  Body weight (no weights used) for 3 sets.  8 reps in each set.
rear foot elevated split squat
photo taken from this source
This is exactly as it sounds.  I find that this one really helps me not only work on balance but I can feel the muscles in my quads working as I do this exercise.  I can't think of the words to describe it other than I know that this works my quads and my butt.  I'm pretty sure this exercise is why my butt hurts so much today.  

1 Arm Dumbbell Bench Press  25 lbs for 3 sets.  8 reps in each set.
1 arm dumbbell bench press
photo taken from this source
This one may not sound fun but I really like this one.  I was a bit worried about my wrist because it still hurts from last week and very stiff right now.  This was the first day that I really did strength training since last Tuesday.  I told myself that if it hurt while I was doing an exercise that I would stop because I know that the wrist is still healing.  It didn't hurt but I do know that I was making some of those grunting noises while doing this exercise.  25 lb is pretty much my max for 8 reps.  I might have been able to do 9 but I know I wouldn't be able to do 10.

Ab Rollout  using bodyweight (no weights) and doing 2 sets.  Each set has 12 reps in it.
Ab rollout with swiss ball
Photo taken from this source

I have done this exercise now in two workouts.  I am not fully liking this exercise yet and I think it is mostly due to the fact that my core still has a long ways to go.  I also think that I may fall off this ball so that could be part of the love/hate relationship still.  I am sure this will be a lot better next week but for now...I just like this one.  I've been told to do it so I'll still do it.  I just don't want to.

Push Ups  3 sets of 8 reps
I like push ups.  Would I have said this a year ago or 6 months ago.  Heck no!  I couldn't even do 1 without wanting to collapse.  I am still working on form but each time I am getting closer at perfecting this.  I also don't break into a sweat when I see the words "push ups" on my workout list.

Alternating X Pull Downs  22 lbs with 3 sets.  8 reps in each set.
I can't find a good photo of this one or a good explanation.  I'll try to explain...at a cable machine you make an x with two cables by holding onto the handles with the opposite arms.  I take turns with my arms and pull one down, across my body, slowly and then slowly go back up.  I then do the other arm.  I like this exercise a lot!

Cable Lifts  27 lbs. with 2 sets.  12 reps in each set.

cable lift (reverse wood chop)
photo is from this source

At a cable machine you hold onto a handle with both hands and start in a lower position.  You bring the handle across your body as you go up and end up closer to your upper torso or shoulder area.  For me this just depends on the weight and the number of reps.  When the reps are higher or the weights are heavier, I tend to start using my back rather than the muscles I should be using and so I change this a little bit so my movements aren't as big and closer to my torso.  The lighter the weights the farther down I can start (below hips)and higher I can end up (past shoulders).

You would think that this wouldn't make you break into a sweat.  Just bringing a cable across your body, back and forth, back and forth.  It is a workout!  I am usually out of breath when I am done with one set.  

I finish up my workout by grabbing my Gatorade and heading over to the elliptical.  Once in awhile I will go on the treadmill but normally I go to the elliptical.  Right now the intervals that I am doing are:
40 seconds as hard as I can, 20 second break, repeat this 7 times

Don't forget...now you read this so you have to try one of these.  Let me know what you did and what you thought of the exercise!  Several of these can be done at home so you don't have the excuse of not having a gym membership for this one.  Have fun!

*So, after I wrote this I was told to increase my weights in the x pull down and the cable lift.  I will.  I have the amounts that I should be able to do and they scare me a bit but I will work towards that goal.  I also have a goal to get to 200 lbs on the glute bridge thrust.  I am at 170 lbs. right now.  I am still dealing with a wrist that is sore when I move it certain ways and it is very stiff but it is a lot better than it was.

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