Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feed My Starving Children

I LOVE showing my kids ways that they can help others.  At the moment we have a lot of attitudes of entitlement in our house.  Getting the kids to see others, help others and just be more thankful can only do good things for them.   Helping others and learning about the lifestyles of different cultures and the needs that other kids have will just help them in the long run and hopefully help their hearts be more loving towards others.

Sid and I had the opportunity to help a group this past weekend called Feed My Starving Children.  This group packages meals and then sends them to countries where kids are actually starving and not making it to see another day.  In fact, 18,000 kids die every day from starvation.  18,000!  That is a huge number and the resources are right in front of us.  These kids just need the food brought to them.

There are a lot of ways to help this great organization.  Donating money, spending your time packing meals or even prayer...all great ways that you can help kids live another day.  Wouldn't we want that for our kids if we were in a situation where we needed help? 

If you ever would want to pack up some meals in the cities, I am sure that Sidney and either Chris or I would join you!

I knew you wanted to see me with a hairnet on...didn't ya?

We are all done!  Our group packed over 35,000 meals which will feed over 90 kids for an entire year.  During the 6 sessions that our church had of volunteers, 202,000 meals were packed!  AMAZING!

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