Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MLK day and what the kids had planned

During school the last week the kids were really talking about Martin Luther King Jr. and had a lot to share with me yesterday about this man and what was accomplished through him.  It is great to hear the kids talk about something and you can just see in their eyes how proud they are that they remember certain facts.

The kids had the day off from school and with the kiddos home that means we have extra kids eating, more kids at the house during the day which means more work for me all day and night.  We also were basically unpacking and trying to catch up on laundry before the kids needed clothes for the week again.  I think I did about 7 loads of laundry yesterday.  This included their coats and snowpants which desperately needed some clean water and soap on them.  Gross!

My two bigger kids had also planned to clean up their rooms a bit.  When Sid gets into an organizational frenzy...watch out!  She had bags for Goodwill, bags for garbage, bags for a future garage sale and just a big ol' mess.  Micah was crying the night before because his room was so messy (it really wasn't that bad) so he got in on the crazy train also and gathered a lot of stuff for all those different bags.

At about 5pm we remembered that we had homework to do (oops!) so the kids finished that up and then it was food and our nightly activities that the kids are in this year.

Notice that I didn't talk much about the littlest one...a.k.a. my quick tempered, smart mouthed 4 year old.  Quinn usually is pretty good but lately he is starting to act a lot like his brother was at this age.  Right about 3:30pm/4:30pm he gets an attitude.  I think this comes from him mostly being tired and it just makes him cranky towards everyone and everything.  I sent him to him room at about 4:45pm and he was asleep when it was time to eat at about 5:15pm.  Quinn slept until about 7:15am this morning.  I guess he really was tired.

We started something new in the house too and we will see if we can keep up with this.  The kids have verses to memorize for AWANA each week and we usually tend to fail to remember to work on these until about Wednesday at 4:30pm when they get home from school.  We bought some vinyl that you can write on with chalk and are using this to help us keep track of the verses throughout the week.  Micah has Psalm 23: 1-6 to do just for this week.  That is a lot for a 1st grader...in my opinion.  He is great at memorizing though so we will see if he can pull it off.  Sid's verses are just these long ones that are really good but they are so long.  She has always been good at memorizing too but this year AWANA has been put on the back burner with her so hopefully this will help a bit.

At some point we will be getting those Thank You's done from everything that they got at Christmas.  We also need to get to the store because our fridge basically has spinach, parsnips, carrots, Greek yogurt and lots of lemons in it.  Oh, and a little, tiny slice of apple pie that Chris' mom made this past weekend.  (I think Chris left that in there just to tempt me all day long.  Don't worry...it is still there.)  Hmm.  Thank You cards or groceries.  Which one is more important today?  I'll have to check and see what the kids are doing for lunch tomorrow first.  If it is cold lunch and I have to make it...today may be the day that is needed for a trip to the store.  Pretty sure the kids would get beat up if I sent them to school with parsnips as their snack.  :)

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