Monday, December 12, 2011

Jessica's Journey...December 12th

I have a lot going on right now.  These last few weeks of December seem to be loading lots on my plate.  Some...I graciously added and am excited about.  Others...just routine or business related to-do's that are a must to get done regardless of if I want to do them or not.

Two things that I have learned and am glad to say that I am sticking to is:
1)  Say "no" to things.
2)  Sometimes you just have to have a little bit of grace for others because hopefully when I need grace it will be remembered and/or given to me.

Saying "no".  As I am getting busier my blog posts about my journey may not be as frequent.  I do know that if I have something that I want to share I will make sure that I get it out there on the web.  There are going to be some days though coming up where I have to say "no" to some things and looking at blogs, writing on blogs, etc. are going to fall to the side.

Not only have I learned how to prioritize different things (the kids and their needs/activities are more important than folding the laundry or wiping down all my counters) but I have learned to say "no" to different activities too.  I don't jump at each opportunity that is given to me.  When I see that something needs to be done, I don't step up right away either to make sure that the need is taken care of.  I used to do this...a lot!  Now, I don't have time.  I know that I don't have time and if I did over commit myself I would be adding tremendous stress to my life and my family.

Grace.  Recently I have had a lot of different situations where I could have gotten really mad at someone and expressed that anger in a not so nice way.  Do I always have a good day.  Heck no!  Do I get reports of bad things happening with my kids or something that might need to be addressed at school?  Several times this year, actually.  Do my kids act like angels all the time?  Well, if you saw Quinn in the post office the other day while we were getting stamps you would know that my kiddos have their moments that don't make me very happy.

Today I had an "ah-ha" moment though.  I could get upset by people being rude at the store while they are doing their shopping for Christmas (we all know that there are some rude people out there!) or...I could give them a little bit of grace.  I could be irate because of what someone said or e-mailed to me or...I could give them a little bit of grace.  I could think to myself a thought about someone just because of how they acted towards me or the words that they chose to have to me or...I could give them a little bit of grace.

My heart will have a smile in it if I just have grace as well for all the situations that I have in my life.

That really doesn't have anything to do with my workout today...but I just had to share it.  It was on my mind tonight after the day that I had and I just thought that having grace was a better action to take than other ways that I could express myself.

I did start Phase 3 though today.  I can now officially dead lift 100 pounds 8 times in a row.  I could probably lift more if I just did it once or twice but not sure that I could lift more yet 8 times in a row.  I was asked to increase the weights on a few things today and I did...and it was tough.  But, not as tough as actually getting out of bed today.  Once I was at the gym my motivation was there but I was really struggling today to even get moving.

There is this one exercise that I seem to do A LOT of (it's isn't that bad but I do it all the time it seems and it takes my breath away) and I now am past the weights in the women's room and am using the weights that are out in the bigger area of the gym (a.k.a. the big body builder area).  These weights have a different feel than the ones in the women's area so that takes a little bit of getting used to felt pretty powerful to be doing these corkscrews with a 40lb weight.  Thought I was going to die when I was done but it was worth it.  Plus, I knew that I had fewer reps to do today than last week so I was sure that I could finish these.

Tomorrow is going to be a very long and tough day...I already know.  I will be starting my morning with a nice run just so I can get my head cleared before things get crazy.  :)

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